Memory Power-flex Your Mental Muscle

b> Mental Muscle As with all your organs in the body,your brain is subject to age-related fatigue. Levels of nutrients and vital oxygen slowly declinen. Conditions such as Diabetes and hypertension can accelerate aging and increase the risk of memory problems. Flex Your Grey Matter Just as Physical exercise inreases muscle mass. Working out your brain can stimulate and keeps your brain active. Strengthening existing neuron pathways and building new ones. Feed The Brain Flax seed oil and cold ...
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Posted on April 21st, 2014

Poor Dental Hygiene May Account for Poor Health

Bright white teeth and fresh breath does not necessarily mean you have a healthy mouth! General health is directly related to gum health. Gum disease has been linked to several medical conditions such as stroke, diabetes, heart attack and worsening lung disease. Healthy gums can reduce a person's biological age by up to 6.4 years. Why? Because studies show that the presence of periodontal diseases, most common in people with tooth loss, actually affects longevity. The best of these studies, ...
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Posted on April 20th, 2014

Generic Medicines

b>Generic Drugs Generic Online Pharmacies started making a big impact on the net since the mid to late 90's. This has allowed the prescription drug buyer to save hundreds with the click of a mouse. Generics really slash the prices on prescription drugs and medications because they do not carry brand names but they are essentially the same drug.As the cost of prescription drugs and medications continue to soar, more and more Americans are choosing Generic Pharmacies to maintain their quality of ...
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Posted on April 19th, 2014

Wouldn't You Like To Know The Latest News on Arthritis

Arthritis is a serious problem for millions of Americans, but the latest news on arthritis offers some new hope to those who suffer from this disease. Arthritis means joint inflammation and there are about 100 different forms of arthritis. Scientists are not sure even today how many of the types of arthritis originate, besides the wear and tear on the joints that comes with age. Juvenile arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two types of rheumatoid arthritis that begin with the immune system ...
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Posted on April 18th, 2014

The Tibetan and Chinese health Secret

It seems as if the health of America is failing. One million Americans will die of circulatory disease this year. Six hundred thousand lives will be cut short by cancer as well. How did we get in such a mess? I'm not sure. But there is a way out that is starting to generate a real buzz! Since CNN and the gang won't talk about it I decided to write is article. Dear readers, I want to introduce you to the most nutrient dense food on the earth; wolfberries, or more specifically ...
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Posted on April 17th, 2014

Discover The Missing Key to Improving Your Health

Do you know the top ten causes for death? You will recognize them all. Here they are' 1. Heart disease 2. Cancer 3. Stroke 4. Lower-respiratory diseases 5. Injury (mostly car accidents) 6. Diabetes 7. Flu and pneumonia 8. Alzheimer's disease 9. Kidney disease 10. Infection Source: 1999-2001 mortality statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Most of us want to live long, productive, pain free lives. So, then, why are so many people dying from heart disease, cancer and ...
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Posted on April 16th, 2014

24 Good reasons why you may need vitamin supplements.

Many people believe that eating a well balanced diet provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. In ideal circumstances, this is the case, but in reality there are many reasons why you may need vitamin supplements to cope with living in the twentieth century environment. Taking vitamins when required is a safe method of optimizing your dietary sources of nutrients, providing you follow the instructions on product labels. 1. Poor Digestion Even when your food intake is ...
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Posted on April 15th, 2014

Is Your Home Hazardous To Your Health? How Indoor Air Pollution

We tend to think of our homes as our havens--safe places to go in order to retreat from the assault of modern life. For the most part this is true. But there is a hidden danger lurking in the seemingly tranquil and protective confines of our houses, and it's something we ought to sit up and notice. That hidden danger is the quality of indoor air. The act of breathing is so natural we don't even realize we're doing it, but what about the air that we take in every time we inhale? When was the ...
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Posted on April 14th, 2014

Clear your Acne and have Perfect Skin - Naturally!

Most people who suffer from acne go out and spend good money on common over-the-counter acne treatment products. The truth is, most of these products are full of chemicals that can actually slow down the healing of acne, and irritate your skin, causing farther breakouts. When an acne product has 20 ingredients listed on it, it can be hard to know if one of those ingredients is actually stopping you from having success. It can be even harder when you can't pronounce the ingredient, much less ...
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Posted on April 13th, 2014

The Fountain Of Youth

Aging, a steady decline The History of the world is filled with stories of individuals trying to find eternal youth. Wealthy people going to private centers for magic elixirs. Many individuals taking megadoses of certain vitamins, drink green tea, use coenzyme Q10 etc, hoping to find the "fountain of youth". Lets take a closer look and see what happens to our bodies as we age. Time,our worst enemy Growth Hormone declines steadily at the age of 31 and at the rate of 14% per decade. Along with ...
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Posted on April 12th, 2014